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Open a Startup in Finland

Open a Startup in Finland

If you want to open a startup in Finland, you can get help from our agents. Our company formation agents in Finland will not only provide you with comprehensive guidance but also practically assist you to get a Finnish startup visa.

Startup visa in Finland

Finland provides startup visas for two years with the option of an additional extension. The key to successfully acquiring a residency permit in Finland under the startup program is a well-developed package of paperwork that is presented to the expert commission, Business Finland, to validate the project and grant it the status of a startup. The expert opinion obtained grants the right to pursue an appeal for a residence permit card with the Finnish Embassy or the Finnish Police Department. If you want to apply for a Finnish startup visa, our agents can assist you. Our company incorporation consultants will not only guide you but also offer you practical assistance regarding how to initiate a startup in Helsinki.

Furthermore, if you are seeking assistance to open a virtual office in Finland, you can rely on the services of our company incorporation agents. They can help you get a suitable virtual office that complies with your company’s needs.

The procedure for acquiring startup status in Finland

If you are interested to initiate a startup in Helsinki, you are required to acquire a visa. For this purpose, there is a Finnish startup visa available. Our Finnish agents can help you apply for this visa you can also find below general guidance about the procedure of acquiring a startup visa in Finland. There are various steps in the application procedure for a visa:

  • Design a business plan

Develop the idea for a new startup and do an environment and interest analysis. Give a general overview of the business, including its area of expertise, funding, goals for growth and expansion over the next two years, and its domain or domains. Along with details on the team and the founder, such as their names, titles, launch dates, nationalities, and CVs.

  • Product readiness stage

You are required to do a thorough study on the sales model, channels, today’s metrics, markets, primary competitors, and competitive advantages of the company’s product if you successfully want to open a startup in Finland. Besides, you can also get assistance from our company formation experts, they can help you open a company in Finland.

  • Prepare documents

The company’s two-year financial plan includes the creation of a business model, an audience growth model, a revenue model, and an expense model. A business plan is visually displayed and orally in a pitch deck. It includes a presentation of the idea for the new business, market analysis, a discussion of the team’s competitive advantages and strengths, a description of the product and its positioning, a discussion of the business model, and a list of limitations.

  • Apply for a residence permit

You must first obtain Business Finland’s permission for your startup project before applying for a residence visa. To confirm your identity, you need to personally go to the Finnish representation or the Migration Service center. You can apply for a residence permit for a startup entrepreneur from the Immigration Service when Business Finland gives you a favorable judgment. Business Finland’s assessment is valid for two months. Include it in the collection of papers you will send to the migration agency.

The Finnish residency permit is valid for 2 years, however, it can be extended for an additional 4 years depending on the profile of the applicant and his financial security. Our agents can guide you in detail if you want to extend your Finnish startup visa.

Eligibility to apply for a startup permit in Finland

Please find below the information about the eligibility to apply for a startup permit in Finland:

  • A startup team having at least 2 founders and a range of skills moving to Finland, wanting to start a fast-growing firm there, and having an inventive business strategy;
  • With considerable ownership in the company, like; for instance, the team requesting for the license has a holding of at least 60% of the company, and dedication to the business idea;
  • Dependable resources for support.

Contact our company incorporation consultants in Finland if you have any concerns about your Finnish startup visa. Our agents can answer your concerns in detail. Besides relocating to Finland on a startup visa, you can further avail the services of our agents if you need help to initiate your startup in this country. Our company incorporation consultants can offer you comprehensive information about the regulations of startups by foreigners in this country. With expert help, you will be able to open a company in Finland without facing problems.  

In addition to this, if you are planning to open a branch office in Finland, it is important to understand the company regulations of this country. It is also recommended to rely on the services of an expert in such a matter. The services of our company formation agents in Finland are at your disposal, you can seek their practical assistance through the incorporation procedure.