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Fiscal Representative in Finland

Fiscal Representative in Finland

Foreign companies from non-EU countries must appoint a tax representative in Finland before starting activities. This tax representative in Finland is in charge of varied tasks and responsibilities that you can discover in the following lines. We also specify that if you want to open a company in Finland and you need such a specialist, you can opt for the services of our company. We invite you to read the following lines and find out some information about the importance of a tax representative in Finland.

What are the tasks of a fiscal representative in Filnad?

Below are some of the legal responsibilities of a fiscal representative in Finland:

  • Prepares documents for registration for VAT purposes in Finland.
  • He/she can handle the VAT payment on behalf of the company he/she represents from this point of view.
  • A Finnish tax agent can also deal with VAT returns and refunds, as the case may be.
  • A tax representative in Finland maintains the connection and communication between the company and the tax authorities in this country.

These are some of the responsibilities of a tax agent in Finland, but for more information, we invite you to talk to us. We can help you set up a company in Finland and register it for paying taxes.

What kind of companies should appoint a fiscal agent in Finland?

Companies importing and exporting goods from non-EU countries must have fiscal representatives in Finland. It is also valid for companies that trade online from other countries in Finland. We advise you to find out more from our specialists if you want to appoint a fiscal representative in Finland. We are here to help you with company formation in Finland.

Why appoint a fiscal representative in Finland?

Appointing a tax representative in Finland is an obligation, according to the law of this country. On the other hand, having tax representation in Finland for different business structures, such as branches or subsidiaries, is also an economic alternative. With the help of a tax representative in Finland, companies from non-EU countries can introduce their operations in this country legally, respecting the tax legislation. On the other hand, the companies in question are not corporate taxpayers in Finland, having a representative tax and headquarters in the country of origin. All VAT obligations are carefully handled by such a tax agent in Finland. We advise you to contact us if you want to start a company in Finland and appoint a fiscal representative.

Some information about VAT in Finland

Below you can find information about the VAT rates in Finland:

  • 24% is the standard VAT rate in Finland.
  • 14% is the reduced VAT rate that applies to foodstuff, agricultural supplies, catering services, restaurants, and more.
  • In Finland, there is a 10% VAT rate imposed for e-books, newspapers, cultural events, hotel accommodations, etc.
  • There is no VAT imposed for non-profit organizations, printing services, international and intra-community transport, etc.

VAT threshold in Finland

In Finland, the VAT registration threshold is EUR 15,000. If the trade value exceeds the EUR 800,000 threshold for dispatches and arrivals, companies in Finland must submit Intrastat declarations. We specify here that VAT returns can be made monthly, quarterly, or annually. You can learn more from our specialists when you are looking for tax representatives in Finland.

Those who want to set up a company in Finland can contact us online or by phone. We are here to help you with company incorporation in Finland and fiscal representatives.