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Accountants in Finland

Accountants in Finland

Do you want to open a company in Finland and need an accounting firm? We recommend the services offered by our accountants in Finland with extensive experience in small, medium, and large companies. Thus, foreign entrepreneurs who want to start a company in Finland can benefit from full support, including accounting services. In the following lines, you can discover information about what these entail and how to get in touch with our specialists.

 Quick Facts  
 Who requires accounting services in Finland?   Local and foreign business owners with commercial activities in Finland 

Applicable accounting legislation in Finland 

– Accounting Act No. 1620/2015,

– IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards),

– Finnish Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (Finnish GAAP) 

 Types of accounting services we offer

– bookkeeping,

– payroll,

– annual financial statements,

– tax minimization methods,

– tax registration,

– maintaining company accounts 

Tax advice and compliance 

 – regular verification of tax legislation,

– business support in taxation matters,

– tax-saving recommendations

We offer support for tax registration (YES/NO) 


 Financial planning for company owners in Finland

For businessmen who want to make risk-free investments in Finland 

Risk assessment and evaluation 

Our accountants in Finland can offer specific measures, in case business risks are discovered. 

Types of audit services 

– internal/ external audits,

– regulatory audits, etc. 

Tax minimization methods available 

– advance payment of credits,

– retirement accounts,

– charity registration 

 Personalized financial consultancy services (YES/NO) YES 

Investment consultancy for high-net-worth individuals 

Dedicated services for proper management of assets 

 Financial and analysis reports for companies 

Such reports can reveal the financial position of a company in Finland. 

Human resources services available 

– staff recruiting,

– drafting employment contracts,

– employee administration-related matters 

Expertise provided by certified accountants (YES/NO) 


 Fiscal year in Finland   January the 1st – 31st of December 

Types of accounting services offered to companies in Finland

Opening a company in Finland involves a series of procedures and formalities that can be successfully managed by one of our local agents. We can also talk here about the accounting services that can be offered. We welcome companies registered in Finland with the following accounting services:

  • Bookkeeping – The financial activities of the company are recorded, with the help of dedicated documents and the platforms used by our specialists. You can opt for the services of our CPA in Finland for complete information.
  • Audits – You need to know the business direction of the company, and a periodic audit can help you here. The audit is of several kinds, and our accounting firm in Finland will be at your disposal for details on this topic.
  • Payroll – With the help of a specialist payroll in Finland, salaries can be calculated and distributed in the company, according to the rules established in this regard. If you are interested in company formation in Finland, do not hesitate to ask for information about the accounting services that can be offered.
  • Tax registration – In addition to the above services, our accountants in Finland can also deal with the registration formalities of a company to pay taxes.
  • Preparation of annual financial statements IFRS (International Reporting Financial Standards) as well as local legislation regarding company accounting are respected in Finland. Annual financial statements can be drawn up and registered with the relevant authorities. Our CPA in Finland can explain more.

So, these are some of the services offered by our accountants in Finland. We advise you to contact our accounting firm in Finland for personalized offers and complete information. You can also discover an infographic we have prepared on this topic:

Why work with our accountants in Finland?

If you want to set up a company in Finland and have a good start on the market, it is very important to have specialist help in this regard. This is where our team of accountants in Finland can come into the discussion because:

  • We can offer expert advice related to accounting, taxation, reporting, and many more.
  • We manage to discover which sectors are vulnerable and exposed to risk from a financial point of view, to propose a series of developed strategies.
  • We offer flexible services and cover the entire area of accounting, including specialist advice on debt monitoring, risk assessment, and many more.
  • Our clients benefit from quality financial management and software. We are up to date with technology and accounting aspects. You can also watch a video presentation about the accounting services we provide in Finland:

Here are some statistical data about accountants in Finland:

  • The most recent data show that there are over 14,000 accountants and certified public accountants registered in Finland.
  • On average, an accounting and auditing firm in Finland has more than 3 accounting employees.
  • A personnel increase of approximately 2% was registered in 2023 in the accounting sector in Finland.

Therefore, if you are looking for a CPA in Finland for the owned company, you can contact our team of specialists. We offer comprehensive details and personalized offers once you decide to collaborate with our accounting firm in Finland.