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Company Registration in Finland

The process of starting a business in Finland requires only a few straightforward steps. The laws are very encouraging to investors who want to start a company in Finland (for example, in the north, where local authorities have special interests in attracting foreign or domestic investments, some facilities are granted). You can get in touch with our company formation experts in Finland for their consultation.

 Quick Facts  
  Types of companies

– sole trader,

– partnership (limited and general),

– limited company (private and public),

– cooperative association 

Minimum share capital for LTD Company 

No – (The capital requirement was abolished in 2019) 

Minimum number of shareholders for Limited Company 

Time frame for the incorporation (approx.) 

minimum 4 weeks, maximum 6 

Corporate tax rate


Dividend tax rate 


VAT rate 

24% standard rate (reduced rates at 15%, 10% and 0%) 

Number of double taxation treaties (approx.) 85
Do you supply a registered address?   Yes 
Local director required   No – the director must be a resident of EEA, not of Finland 
Annual meeting required  Yes
Redomiciliation permitted  Yes
Electronic signature  Yes
Is accounting/annual return required?   Yes, for both accounting and annual return procedures
Foreign-ownership allowed  Yes 
Any tax exemptions available? 

– tax deduction of 50% (instead of 25%) on the newly acquired machinery, applicable until 2025,

– deduction of 50% on the research and development expenses,

– tax free shares issued to company’s employees for non-listed entities 

Tax incentives

– tax free dividends for parent companies in the EU,

– various tax exemptions, such as on the wealth tax,

– VAT exemption for a wide category of goods and services 

The most important types of companies in Finland

Please find below the different company structures that are available for starting a business in Finland as a foreigner:

  • the Limited Company (osakeyhtiö-Oy) in Finland is established by at least one member without minimum share capital required. The management is assured by at least one manager, while the general meeting of the shareholders takes the significant decisions. 
  • the Public Limited Company (julkinen osakeyhtiö-Oyj) is designed for large businesses. It is established with a minimum share capital of EUR 80,000 (cash or property) by one statutory person. The management is assured by a management board composed of more than three members (more than 50% of them must be EEA residents) and a managing director if the capital is above EUR 80,000. The shares of this type of entity can be listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

Our specialists can help you register a company in Finland no matter the type of entity you choose. Whether you want a limited company or a public limited company, you are welcome to get in touch with our agents. They can help you throughout the incorporation procedure to make it easier for you to set up a company in Finland. Further, you can also consult our agents if you need expert help to understand the regulations of these company structures. They can answer all your concerns about the process of opening a company in Finland.

Other forms of business for company registration in Finland

The smallest form of business in Finland is the Private Person Carrying on Trade (yksityinen elinkeinonharjoittaja) or a private trader. The owner is not considered a separate entity from his/her business, and he/she is liable for his/her assets for the company’s debts. The owner must pay the specific business taxes, and he/she is free to withhold profit. We can help you open a company in Finland, no matter the type you choose.

A General Partnership (avoin yhtiö-Ay) in Finland is composed of at least two members called general partners. Incorporating this type of business does not require a minimum share capital, and the members are equally responsible for the debts and liabilities. The profits can be equally shared between the members.

At least two partners form the Limited Partnership (kommandiittiyhtiö,-Ky) in Finland; one of them must be the general partner with rights to decide in the name of the business and claim profits and the other is the silent partner who does not absorb the losses, has no decisional powers and cannot claim profits. We can help you open a company in Finland no matter its type.

Finnish Branch of a Foreign Company (sivuliike) is part of a foreign society that operates in Finland. It is not considered a separate entity, and the parent company provides the capital. The investors can also open a representative office incorporated chiefly to perform research activities on the Finnish market. Contact our specialists in company registration in Finland for more details.

Company formation procedure in Finland

At the beginning of company incorporation in Finland, the investors must deliver the following documents to the bank to open an account and receive a certificate proving that the minimum share capital was deposited for opening a company in Finland:

  • the foundation deeds;
  • a description of the nature of the banking transactions;
  • the company’s field of business.

Once deposited, the amounts of money cannot be withdrawn until the company is registered. Setting up a business in Finland is simplified by sending a single start-up notification to the National Board of Patents and Registration. The application must be accompanied by the articles of association, the memorandum of association, a declaration confirming that the company has been incorporated following the provisions of the Finnish Companies Act, a certificate of the auditors confirming the shares respect the provisions of the Companies Act and other relevant documents mentioned by the law. The registration for the pension insurance can be made at a pension provider freely chosen by the entrepreneur, and it is the last step of the company incorporation in Finland. For more details about how to register a company in Finland you can contact our specialists. 

Trade Register in Finland

Kaupparekisteri, or the Finnish Trade Register offers official information on business in the whole of Finland (including current and old register entries, items of association, partnership rules and agreements, financial reports, business and trading names, company form, address , contact information, type of business, information on insolvency, disruption of trade, liquidation and reorganization process). The Finnish Trade Register also provides certificates and helps with opening a company in Finland.

The company registration in the Finnish Trade Register is binding for most of the new business and it’s made by submitting a Start-up Notification in Finnish or Swedish. This notification includes basic information regarding the business and has to be recorded by delivering it to the National Board of Patents and Registration contributions offices or by emailing it to a post office box used by the NBPR and the Tax Administration. After recording, a registration statement is sent to the contact person, including all the details that are in effect. If there’s a change in the information entered in the Trade Register is mandatory to apply a modified notification in Finnish or Swedish.

A Start Up Notification can be submitted even for a business that is not forced to do so(for example, the persons engaged in agriculture and fishing)in order to protect the trade of the business enterprise. The data and documents provided by a company in its request to the Trade Register are public information (the public character is grated by Section 1 of the Trade Register Act).

To access the information from the Trade Register, a personally signed request must be submitted to the NBPR, containing the name and personal identity code of the person who’s requesting the data. The information is then printed and sent to the requester’s address. The data can also be verified at the Customer Service of NBPR, the Local Register Office, or by checking the Trade Register electronic database.

How to start a business in Finland as a foreigner?

Private Entrepreneurship, Limited Liability Company, General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Public Limited Company, Corporation, and Cooperative Association are some of the business models available for opening a company in Finland. So, if you want to start a business in Finland as a foreigner, you can get in touch with our company incorporation experts. They will provide you with comprehensive assistance regarding setting up a business in Finland. It is advisable for international entrepreneurs to form a corporation using either the private or LLC model. Here are some essential parts that foreigners must take care of when starting a company in Finland:

  1. description of the company: First and foremost, as a foreigner, you must describe what your company will sell, to whom, and how. Then you must explain why clients require your products or services and how they differ from competitors;
  2. competences: You must demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and previous professional experience;
  3. services or products: You must specify the type of product or service your company will provide in Finland. It would help if you described how your items differ from your competitors;
  4. you must determine who would be your potential customers in Finland, how they will decide whether or not to utilize your products or services, and what qualities they value in your products;m
  5. Marketing: you need to explain how you intend to market your goods to ensure that you reach your target audience and persuade them of the benefits of your product;
  6. SWOT: Create this study to demonstrate your company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats;
  7. operational strategy: To ensure that your firm is profitable, you must perform calculations.

These are some significant steps that you need to follow if you are starting a business in Finland as a foreigner. On interaction with our lawyers in Finland, they will further describe the strategies for starting a business in this country.

In addition to this, if you want to buy a virtual office in Finland, our experts can provide you with assistance in this matter. They will describe to you different packages so that you can select any package according to your business needs for registering a company in Finland. 

Advantages of starting a business in Finland 

These are some advantages if you are starting a business in Finland as a foreigner. For instance:

  • It is simple to take a business initiative: Compared to many other countries, starting a business in Finland is more accessible and safer. It takes two to three weeks to open a bank account, register a corporation, and register with the tax administration. You can become an entrepreneur in a short period if you have a decent company idea. Moreover, our company incorporation experts in Finland can describe the business structure available in this country. This way, it would be easy for you to assimilate into the business market of this country;
  • Optimal environment: Finland was considered the most digitally advanced country in Europe in 2019. That implies you can receive a lot of online services and conduct business online.

Our company formation consultants in Finland can guide you about the other benefits you can get as a foreigner. In addition to this, our company incorporation experts can provide you with detailed assistance if you want to open a branch in Finland. They will also describe to you the rules and regulations for opening a company in Finland.

Can foreigners buy a business in Finland?

Foreigners can buy Finnish companies, and business operations or become partners in a company that already exists in this country. A private undertaking, shares in a general or limited partnership, the entire stock of a limited liability corporation, or a majority of the shares may be the aim of acquisition. By paying the participation share, you can become a member of an existing cooperation. Public authorities must approve all corporate purchases in the defense and dual-use goods sectors, and this permission will be based on an application. Finnish firms are deemed crucial for securing vital activities within society, and corporate acquisitions will be subject to approval in the civil sector. You can interact with our company incorporation experts for consultation if you are starting a business in Finland as a foreigner.

Business licenses in Finland

In Finland, there are business activities that require a license. Serving alcohol, debt collecting, and security guard businesses are among them. Commercial activities are also required to be registered in a government-maintained database. Package vacation agencies, real estate agents, and house rental agencies are included in this registration requirement. An entrepreneur who submits this type of registration must meet the legal requirements for registration.

Other business activities require notification from the government before they begin. Commercial operations that require notification may also be subject to limits and duties under the law. An entrepreneur can begin operations before the authorities have reviewed the notice in most circumstances. So, if you are starting a business in Finland as a foreigner, you can acquire assistance from our consultants. They will guide you whether your business requires a license or not.

Economy overview in Finland

Company formation in Finland is preferred because this country offers an industrialized economic environment, and highly competitive manufacturing, engineering, telecommunications, and electronics industries. Finland also excels in high-tech exports such as mobile phones.

The country is well-known as one of the world’s leading wood producers and providers of raw materials for the wood-processing industries (2/3 of the Finland’s surface is covered with wood)

Also, the communication network is highly developed, especially in waterway transport (90% of foreign trade is carried by sea).

Foreign direct investment in Finland

As foreigners are setting up businesses in Finland, this practice brings foreign direct investments (FDI) in the country. Please find below the FDI of Finland for the year 2020:

  • in Finland, the FDI inward flow was USD 2,575 million;
  • the FDI stock was USD 96,903 million.

Contact our company incorporation experts if you are starting a business in Finland as a foreigner. Their comprehensive assistance can help you open a company in Finland. 

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