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Open a Joint Stock Company in Finland

Open a Joint Stock Company in Finland

Julkinen Osakeyhtiö (Oyj) is the joint stock company available in Finland that can be easily registered by international entrepreneurs. With specialized help offered by one of our local agents, you can set up such a business structure whenever you want. In the following lines, you can find information on how to register a joint stock company in Finland and what formalities must be taken into account in this endeavor. Our company formation agents in Finland can handle the paperwork and other business matters.

What are the steps for establishing a joint stock company in Finland?

If you want to start a company in Finland and the joint stock is the chosen structure, you must consider the following formalities:

  • A joint stock company in Finland can be established by legal and/or natural persons, including foreigners.
  • Specific standard forms must be completed, and these can be found at the local Trade Register in Finland.
  • EUR 2,500 is the minimum share capital for registering a joint stock company in Finland.
  • It is not mandatory to appoint a general director. The board of directors is accepted without the limit on their number.
  • Once the documents for the establishment of a joint stock company in Finland are accepted, the Certificate of Registration, also named Diaaritodistus, is issued with the specific registration number.
  • Next is the opening of a bank account for the company in Finland. If you want to open a company in Finland, you can contact our local specialists.
  • Registration for paying taxes in Finland is done with the local tax office. It is enough to provide the registration number of the company as well as the date from which the activities start.
  • If a special permit is needed, the company representative must apply to the Main Department of Patents and Registrations in Finland.
  • Once the company stamp is obtained, you can start the activities of your joint stock company in Finland.

With the help of our company formation agents in Finland, you can register the desired company. Our offers can be customized according to the business projects and investments you have in this country.

Accounting matters for joint stock companies in Finland

It is very important to comply with the legislation regarding accounting matters for joint stock companies in Finland. Here, IFRS or International Financial Reporting Standards, as well as Finnish Accounting Standards, (FAS), and International Accounting Standards (IAS) are taken into account. Thus, companies like the one above must submit annual financial statements, according to the applicable rules and legislation. We invite you to discover our accounting services in Finland if you decide to open a joint stock company in this country.

Some important aspects of the taxation of companies in Finland

What is not subject to VAT in Finland is the provision of services overseas as well as the sale of goods abroad. On the other hand, it is good to know the following information about taxation in Finland:

  • The standard VAT in Finland is set at 24%, but there is also a reduced VAT of 14% for catering and restaurant services, food, and groceries.
  • The corporate income tax in Finland is set at a 20% rate.
  • There is no property tax in Finland.
  • There is a foreign expert tax regime applicable to Finnish-source income set at 32%. This tax applies to foreign workers whose job demands special knowledge and who earn at least EUR 5,800 per month.
  • The foreign expert tax regime applies for a maximum of 2 years, after which foreign workers will benefit from the normal tax regime available in Finland.

We recommend those interested in company formation in Finland and more specifically in joint stock companies to contact our team of specialists. We can prepare the documents required by the authorities and we can represent our clients in the process of registering a company in this country, regardless of the chosen structure.