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Open a Holding in Finland

Open a Holding in Finland

International entrepreneurs who want to open a holding company in Finland can confidently contact one of our specialists. There are several procedures that must be followed, and one of our company formation agents in Finland can explain the formalities involved. We are here to provide support for company formation in Finland.

What are the stages for opening a holding company in Finland?

Opening a holding company in Finland involves a series of steps, and among them we mention:

  • Choosing a name and verifying it with the relevant authorities.
  • Preparation of founding documents containing information about the purpose and activities of the holding company in Finland. We can tell you more about how to set up a company in Finland.
  • Registration for the payment of taxes is required when opening a holding in Finland.
  • Opening a bank account in Finland is also another step in creating a holding company in Finland.

If you want to open a holding company in Finland, you can use the services offered by our local agents. We can represent you with a power of attorney if you cannot travel to Finland for the company establishment procedures.

What you should consider when you want to open a holding company in Finland

There are quite a few advantages in opening a holding company in Finland, as part of the portfolio. But to make sure that you make a good decision, you must take into account some important aspects in this regard:

  • Selecting the right jurisdiction considering the taxation system (taxation of dividends, corporate tax, etc.).
  • A holding company is chosen, mainly, for the development of the portfolio, and the controlled companies are called subsidiaries. These can have other activities than the main ones.

Would you like to open a company in Finland? We remind you that our local agents can offer you the necessary support in this endeavor so that you can focus better on the investments you have to make.

The advantages of opening a holding company in Finland

When a foreign entrepreneur wants to start a company in Finland, he/she should think about the benefits of the chosen business structure. In the case of holding companies in Finland, they present various advantages:

  • With a small ownership percentage, you can control the subsidiary operations that are part of the holding company in Finland.
  • Holding companies in Finland can expand with stock purchase, once the directors of the subsidiaries give their consent.
  • The risks are strictly limited to the subsidiaries controlled by the holding company in Finland.
  • If the subsidiaries are registered in the European Union, no withholding tax is imposed on their dividends, if the parent company owns at least 10% of the shares.

Economy in Finland – Why make investments here?

Finland’s economic stability is one of the main reasons why foreign investors want to expand their portfolio in this country. With renewed innovation policies and with an emphasis on this important sector, Finland focuses on attracting as many foreign investors as possible in the fields of interest. Here are some figures about the Finnish economy:

  • By the end of 2023, real GDP is expected to increase by 0.1%, with accelerations projected in 2024 and 2025.
  • In 2023, compensation per employee is likely to grow by 5.1%.
  • The rate of inflation for 2023 is estimated to reach around 4.4%, but it is predicted to fall at 1.9% in 2024.

Interested in company incorporation in Finland? Would you like to open a holding company in Finland? Let us know by contacting our local representatives who can manage the procedures and formalities in this endeavor.